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Discover a rich and unique history of Art Deco Imperial hotel and get to know what occurrences and stories stay behind contemporary appearance of the hotel.



The first written reference to the house standing on the corner of Na Porici and Zlatnicka streets dates back to 1383, when the existing building was joined with its neighboring construction into one single complex.

17th – 18th CENTURY

At the end of the thirty-year war during the Swedish siege of Prague the house burned down, but later, thanks to the extensive reconstruction work around 1730, it was turned into an Inn entitled ´The Black Eagle´. The yard wings were enlarged during building renovations carried out in 1840 subsequent to which it became well-known as the ´Hotel At the Black Eagle´.


One of the prominent owners of the hotel was Barbara Serafinova, who generously sponsored the charity activities of her sister Anna Naprstkova, and as a part of her inheritance the Hotel At The Black Eagle became the property of the Naprstek family. This provided the hotel with its most famous owner in 19th century - Vojtech Naprstek - the famous Czech writer, politician and patron who devoted much of his time and experiences to travelling and collecting valuable items worldwide. Later in the19th century the hotel came under ownership of the Czech Industrial Museum Foundation, established by Vojtech Naprstek, but was later demolished as a part of Prague´general urban renewal in 1913.


The hotel enjoyed many years of glory, among numerous famous guests of the interwar period was the first president of Czechoslovakia Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, writer Franz Kafka or composer Leoš Janáček.


The hotel became popular place for German soldiers during World War II and was abandoned by the Czech visitors as a consequence. However after the end of World War II the hotel regained its prominence amongst Prague premier hotels.


From 1948, when the Trade Unions´ Association had taken over its management, the hotel provided preferential accommodation for the guests and members of the trade unions, until its operation as a hotel was disrupted in the 1980s.


Durin 2022 extensive reconstruction work was undertaken to restore this precious and internationally-recognized unique gem of 20th century architecture to its former glory, re-establishing the Prague Imperial´s reputation as the most outstanding and spectacular luxury hotel in the city.

Let yourself be enchanted by the unique atmosphere and elegance of the early 20th century.